Blue Meadow Bridal

About the Designer

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I’m Sandra, the designer, maker, social media guru, stylist, marketing strategist, cleaner…basically I do it all over at Blue Meadow. I’m based in Belfast, I’m married to George and have a daughter, Mimi. I live and breathe bridal, and some of my closest friends are wedding vendors. 


I launched this baby back in 2015 after graduating from Ulster University with a First Class Honours in Fine Art (need to boast about that one when I can eh?). I made my own headpiece when I got married back in 2012, and noticed there was a major gap in the market for modern , well-made bridal headpieces and veils. 


I’ve put some serious time into finding the very best materials like silks, soft English tulle, freshwater pearls, gold and silver plated finishes, to name just a few. And those materials deserve all the love and attention I give them. I believe in a considered approach to making, so these beauties take a lot of time to make. And you deserve that for you wedding! There is a sea of mass produced rubbish out there, at Blue Meadow your pieces are handcrafted with so much considered detail that they are the perfect heirloom to pass on to future generations.


Blue Meadow brides are fashion forward, they know their shit when it comes to style and they aren’t afraid to steer away from the old fashioned approach to bridal. Whether it’s a design from the collection, or you’d like something more bespoke, anything is possible here at Blue Meadow.

S x